About Us

Brandon, Brady, And Ben

Those are the names of us, three brothers. We were born just one and two years apart from each other, and look so similar that sometimes people assume we are triplets. We all are tall, with the same dark eyes and hair. Brandon is the oldest, with Brady being in the middle born just a year later, and Ben following just a year after that.

We were as close as we could be without actually sharing a womb. We went to the same schools, played the same sports, and had the same group of friends. We were the three musketeers, the three blind mice, or the three stooges. Of course, we fought, like any brothers, but nothing severe or physical. We loved each other, were each other’s best friends and had an incredibly strong bond. When one of us hurt, the others would feel it. When one of us had a victory, we all celebrated.

We went to the same schools growing up and played on the same football team. We were all athletic, but Brandon was probably the best player, perhaps only because he was the oldest and had that one extra year of experience on Brady and Ben. But Ben was by far the most musically talented. The three of us had an informal little band. We never recorded in a studio or anything, but Brandon played the guitar, Brady could sing, and Ben could do it all. We spent a lot of weekends tinkering around on our instruments and recording covers and original songs into Ben’s laptop, which he would then manipulate into masterpieces. Not only was he gifted on the guitar and drums, but Ben was also a techie and was able to make our amateur noises sound brilliant.

Between our dad and us, brothers, our house was dominated by testosterone. We didn’t have any sisters; just us three guys, our poor mom. I’m sure she would have loved to have a girl to dress up in girly clothes and throw tea parties for, but she always says she wouldn’t change anything about us three boys for anything. But she does hint that one day she wants a granddaughter. 

Now it will be up to Brandon and Brady to perhaps give her that granddaughter one day. Somewhere along the way, we lost Ben. We want to tell you his story, our story, in hopes that it helps someone else in the same situation that we were all in.

Keep reading to find out what happened to our youngest brother Ben.